Here's a little about me.  I’m a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (MFC36226) located in the Beverly Hillls / West Hollywood area of Los Angeles. I've had a private psychotherapy practice for over fifteen years. I love what I do.  As a therapist I work with individuals, groups, and couples. 

 Where did you train?

 I did my undergraduate work at Michigan State University and completed a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles. I was also trained and certified as an Imago Couples Therapist at the Imago Institute, Pasadena.

 I’ve worked as a psychotherapist in a number of clinical settings such as:  Alternatives — a drug and alcohol recovery center based out of Glendale Memorial Hospital, Frank's House (sober living center), APLA, and The Way In Youth Center.  In addition I have worked with disadvantaged children and their parents as a children's social worker with the Department of Children and Family Services.  

 As a psychotherapist I’m trained to help you heal unconscious beliefs and behaviors that keep you stuck in negative life patterns.  These patterns can delay or prevent your ability to achieve what you want.  Every attempt is made to provide you with a safe and productive therapeutic experience where you can achieve your goals and break out of stagnation. 

 Some of my specialties are: depression, anxiety, rage, relationship issues (codependence, isolation, love addiction, etc.), Imago Couples Therapy, addictions, men's issues, adolescents, group therapy, entertainment professionals, and LGBT issues.

I have studied personally with many of the leading thought leaders and psychologists in the world including:  John Bradshaw, Patrick Carnes, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Harville Hendrix, Michael Beckwith, Lynn McTaggart, and Tony Robbins, among others.

I'm also a member of Mankind Project, a leading organization dedicated to the evolution of men's consciousness in the world.  

Do you have other certifications?

In addition to being a  Marriage and Family Therapist, I am a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, a Strategic Intervention Life Coach (under the direction of Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes), and a Credentialed Kundalini Yoga Teacher.   Further, I have extensive experience studying holistic nutrition, meditation, martial arts, eastern philosophy, boxing, and weight lifting.    

I understand that for real healing to occur an environment of safety, caring and consistency must be established in therapy.  I have worked with numerous people who had all but given up hope for change, only to see their lives transform in major ways.  These include: entering a relationship, getting married, healing depression, anxiety, paranoia, and rage issues, recovering from an addiction, starting a business, healing their marriage, changing careers, having a child, making money, the list goes on.   You can achieve what you want with the right help.  

If you're ready to move forward, give me a call at (310) 854-2043.  I offer a free, 15-minute phone consultation to talk about your challenges and assess your needs.  You can also contact me at the link below.