Do You Struggle in Your Role as an Executive?


Are You in Power Conflicts With Co-Workers?

Do You Have a Hard Time Achieving Career Goals?

Do You Have Time Management Issues?


As an executive coach I have helped people go from pushing papers in a cubicle to becoming a multi-million dollar business owner.  Being an executive requires a mindset of discipline, self assurance, self initiative, and smart risk evaluation.  These attributes don't exist in a vaccum.  They are supported by other business associates, and often guided with the help of an executive coach. As a coach I can help you see yourself more clearly.  You may need help evaluating your strengths and weaknesses in business and how to build in the areas that are lagging.  Further, There are often questions of projection in business:  both what you are projecting from your past onto others, and what others are projecting onto you.  Managing these projections can be the difference between success and self-sabotage. 




Further, executive coaching is a professional relationship to assist you with goals, management development, and performance.  Through inquiry and dialogue I can help you examine and develop decision making, experiment with new ways of being and thinking, and commit to action steps to achieve your goals. 

My clients have formed construction businesses, run talent agencies, produced movies, been leaders in banking, worked at start ups, and stewarded internationally recognized musical acts, to name a few. 


Executive coaching can help you assess others more accurately.  If you are leading a team you might not recognize an employee's talents, or conversely, you may have difficulty letting go of someone who is not performing.  Seeing others clearly is a tremendous asset to business success and can act as a stop gap from wasting time and money. 

When negotiating deals you may also benefit from guidance in using cooperative language, being checked about short-selling yourself, setting boundaries, and asserting what you deserve.

You may still have concerns about coaching: 

What is your training in executive coaching? 

As well as being equipped as a licensed psychotherapist, I am a Certified Strategic Interventionist Life Coach under Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes.

What is your experience in business?

I grew up in a family construction business and was mentored by high powered executives.   I have run a successful private practice business as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and as an Executive Life Coach for close to twenty years.  In my practice I have coached many executives to great success in business. 

Will you be available beyond our session time together?

Yes. I am available for calls outside of session time so as to give you follow through and a strong sense of support. I do not charge for short phone calls or e-mails.  

Ready to get the executive coaching you are looking for?

Give me a call at 310-854-2043.  I offer a free 15 minute phone consulation to see if this feels like the right fit for you and your business.