How I can help

As a psychotherapist I’m trained to help you heal unconscious beliefs and behaviors that keep you stuck in negative life patterns.  These patterns can delay or prevent your ability to achieve what you want.  Every attempt is made to provide you with a safe and productive therapeutic experience where you can achieve your goals and break out of stagnation. 

 Different people respond to different methods of healing.  For that reason I am trained in a number of different healing modalities such as: 

 Humanistic Psychology—  This approach provides you with a safe, unconditionally accepting experience in the therapeutic relationship.  In this way we work to remove any toxic shame you may be carrying from the past.  This can be particularly helpful if you come from a difficult family upbringing.  Many of our issues we carry are a result of negative relationship patterns from the past.  Humanistic psychology does reparative work by making the therapeutic relationship as accepting, non-judgmental, and healing as possible.  

Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, and Inner Child Work— These tools teach you how to relate to yourself in a loving, present time, productive manner. Most of us suffer from a strong “inner critic.”  With the skills of Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, and Inner Child work, you will learn to alleviate suffering generated by the self-critic and move forward.

Cognitive Behavioral Work— The most commonly used type of therapy, CBT is effective for helping you move out of stagnation and into accountable action when working on achieving specific goals.  Goals are set and tracked within the therapy so you are not alone in them.  It is sometimes not enough to gain insight  and do emotional healing in therapy, we often need to work toward concrete behavioral changes.  CBT lets us do just that. 

Emotional Freedom Technique-- Also referred to as “tapping”, this healing modality is used specifically to reduce cortisol levels in your blood stream which will in turn ease depression and anxiety.  Cortisol is the hormone released by the brain’s amygdala gland when under stress— sometimes resulting in paralyzing fears. Once cortisol levels reduce, you will often feel able to handle whatever is challenging you in a more direct, effective manner.

Positive Psychology—to focus on your particular strengths you already carry that may be underdeveloped or underutilized. When Positive Psychology tools are used to leverage your strengths, change is more likely. You may have a habit of focusing solely on your problems when feeling held back or stagnated.  There is obviously nothing wrong with addressing the problems that create the pain and fear you are struggling with—that is a part of anyone’s therapy.  Still, problem solving alone can be limited in its ability to help you experience joy or fulfillment. Positive Psychology helps you move past problem solving and into the ability to understand an actualize what it means for you to lead a fulfilling, happy life.


How do you work in couples counseling?

As well as being a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I am also a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist.   If you are currently experiencing issues in your romantic relationship, it is important to find a therapist who has specific couples training to help you.  Imago relationship therapy is one of the most renowned therapies in treating couples.

Imago therapy is based on learning effective “mirroring” communication skills, being able to hold each person’s experience in equal esteem, and making decisions in a cooperative / safe way.  In the process we heal the “unfinished business of childhood”  (i.e. past hurts or issues) that we transfer over from our family of origin to our adult romantic partners.  As a result of this kind of healing we gain greater maturity, intimacy, and fulfillment in relationships.  See the Imago Couples Therapy section of this site for more.

 What about life coaching?

I am also a Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach. Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes developed this form of life coaching.  The coaching is based off Mr. Robbins’ research and seminars as well as Ms. Madanes’ experience as a psychotherapist and author.  Together they coined the theory of “Human Needs Psychology”.  This theory states that all of our behaviors and beliefs are driven by six basic needs.  When these needs are made conscious we are better equipped at fulfilling them in ways that provide optimal growth and happiness. 

 Life coaching might best be thought of as a form of unique behavioral therapy.  That is, when you stop ruminating on the reasons things are not working out, and start changing your behavior to act in accord with what you say you want, your goals can be achieved. 

 Why do I feel like no one can help me?

Many people feel this way.  You are not alone.  In my many years as a psychotherapist I have seen multitudes of people achieve their goals around relationship, career, mental health, and many other issues.  You are just as capable as anyone of getting what you want in life.  The key to the journey is your willingness and commitment for change as well as accessing the appropriate help.  No one heals in a vacuum.  We all need help.  Left to our own devices many of us are “doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.”  The self-defeating nature of this kind of living is obvious.  Getting help is a sign of courage and your willingness to change. 

If you're ready to take a step toward change, give me a call at (310) 854-2043.  I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation to see if this might be a good fit for you.  You can also e-mail me at the link below.