Most of us in the west have a sedentary lifestyle.  It’s not a great way to live.  When the body is too still it becomes sluggish and the mind follows suit.  Exercising sounds like a drag to a lot of people.  Isn’t it a little scary that we have come to resent the need to move our bodies?  We have so many creature comforts we somehow think the good life consists of “taking it easy”, “relaxing”, eating, drinking, and “being merry.”  In the U.S. an enormous emphasis on sedentary entertainment is force-fed us every day.  For some people sitting, eating, and watching movies has become a substitute for living an active, adventurous life.

Ever seen those teen movies where the high school jocks are all walking around smiling, in great shape, and getting what they want?  Annoying right?  Yeah, maybe, but there are physiological and psychological reasons that exercise not only helps the body look good, but changes your mind—and your life.  Here are some of them:

1.  Exercising increases deep breathing. This can help balance emotions, detoxify the lymphatic system, assist with digestion by massaging the internal organs and moving waste out of the intestines, and eliminate excess carbon dioxide from the body.   

2.  Exercising is shown to improve blood and lymphatic circulation—reducing toxins and inflammation.  This increased circulation also gets more oxygen and nutrients to cells—keeping them healthier. 

3.  Exercising for the sweat of it.  The skin is said to be the “third kidney.”  It has a major role in detoxification through sweat.  Sweating releases toxins like salts and cholesterol as well as BPA—a modern toxin absorbed through plastics.  Sweating can also help prevent kidney stones.

4.  Get happy.  Stress relief is a well-known benefit of exercise.  The oxygenation of the blood, toxin elimination, and endorphins released during exercise are now well documented to increase mental clarity, increase happiness, and reduce stress. If you suffer from depression or anxiety, exercise is key for treating these issues. 

5.  Discipline is also a benefit of exercise.  As you discipline yourself in exercise you simultaneously train yourself to be self-disciplined about attaining goals in your life. 

Below the Raw Intuition guy guides you through the joys of exercise: